A multiplayer
AI creation canvas.

Start a new collaborative AI canvas or join thousands of other creatives in shared rooms.

Generate images

Create images with AI. Just write a text prompt and get an AI generated image in seconds.

Use preset styles

Use preset styles to easily create quality images in different styles, without complex prompts.

Replace image elements

Edit the contents of an image with a simple text. Remove unwanted elements. Insert new details. Just erase, and write what you want in the erased area, and watch it magically appear, matching the style of the image.

Extend images

Extend an image beyond its borders. Invent new content, seamlessly matching the existing image.

Change background

Erase the background and insert something else.

Create storyboards

Generate storyboards from a detailed text description of the shot.

Ready to start?

Let's create your first canvas

Ready to start?

Let's create your first canvas

AI Canvas by Kive